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People’s Park of Davao City

General — By on May 15, 2010 at 4:45 pm

First time to visit Davao?

Whenever you are in the city and still wandering around, do not miss the opportunity to ask your relatives or friends to make a stopover to the ever famous recreational spot in the downtown area. It’s one of the bests that Davao have!

After doing all your itineraries for the day, make a little walk along the street from your hotel, or after going to church bring your families to the nearby park that they could enjoy.

Grab a piece of cloth and foods and put it in a picnic basket and bring it to the park, enjoy a nature scenic place that you could not possibly think it has in the middle of the city. ^_^

Take a sluggish-walk to the 4 hectares park which is 71 million worth of development project of the local government, it’s formerly called the PTA where athletes before meets and big concerts were held. It was formally opened last December 15, 2007.

Bring your kids with you, for sure they would be in-love to the cartooned characters touch playground, sing to the music as you take your pictures along with the pine trees and different species of plants and trees; yes, a man-made mini-forest inside the park.

While eating along the side, take a glimpse to the interactive fountains along with its lights that greatly magnifies its beauty. Another craft that you must see, is the waterfalls and ponds, which have different fishes and some birds around it, where elders like lola’s and lolo’s could surely go without hassle because they also provide wheelchairs for them.

Small group of concert will be now conducted at the Great lawn or Green theater and all the large sculptures representing indigenous groups in Southern Mindanao and the Philippine eagle are created by renowned artist, Kublai Millan.

The park also has its built-in surveillance system which surrounds the area, 24hours security and definitely a no-entrance fee needed.

What more could you ask for? make your way to relax and enjoy… 😀
People’s Park of Davao CityPeople’s Park of Davao CityPeople’s Park of Davao CityPeople’s Park of Davao CityPeople’s Park of Davao CityPeople’s Park of Davao CityPeople’s Park of Davao City 

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  • Reigning_mark says:

    There is so much that Davao can offer and it is good noting that here is a site which features some of them. This is a must-see website for everyone who appreciates our own cities. The pictures are well taken, illuminating and vivifying the real beauty of Davao.


  • Jocelyn says:

    Currently, so many changes in Davao Philippines.. I can’t hardly wait to visit……..exciting ^_^……..And Amazing places now….


  • line says:

    im proud that i stay for a long time in davao……..miss to be home again…..


    davaoeno’s peeps
    miss yah guys…..


  • TryBPO says:

    It’s a routine for my whole family to visit People’s Park every Sunday after Church. My kid loved the playground, the waterfalls & ponds & fishes around it.


  • naru says:

    watashi wa davao ga daisuki desu


  • Leero says:

    I travel a lot of place around the world but Davao is the nicest place that I EVER BEEN- ABU SHARIF- KKMCH staff, SAUDI ARABIA…

    I dont expect that he will utter those flattering words


  • sofiedg says:

    I’m excited to visit Davao with my family. We’re looking forward to exploring People’s Park. Where is the entrance to the park located?


  • Kathleen Yuson says:

    People’s Park is such an illuminating place…It’s a wonderful place where family got together, friends hang out there sometimes..even students from schools nearby went there after their school…I LOVE PEOPLE’S PARK♥


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